Monday, July 23, 2012

Love these kids! :)

One of our very best friends is a wonderful photographer.  She came over and took some pics of the kids. These guys just melt our hearts :)

CrossFit training begins early in our house :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

18 months

It's so hard to believe Jax is 18 months old!  Recent Dr. appt. went well.  He was 25th percentile for weight (22 lbs) and 95th for height (33 inches)....long and lean!  He is finally walking as well :)  We marked it in the books at 17 months...I think he was really just holding out till Nate came home.  Now on to getting him to talk.  As of right now he only says mama, dada and his favorite word UH!!  Dr. wants him to go get a speech and hearing eval just to make sure all is good in his ears.  I am pretty sure he isn't talking because he just points or yells and we figure out what he wants.  And he totally understands everything we tell him.  Now, if he choses to listen is a different story :) He can still light up a room with his smile!  He loves his brother to pieces and tries to do everything he does. 

If Brody has a bookbag, then Jax must have one too.  Get ready Mrs. Marter, Jax is ready! :)

His new favorite food is taco dip! No need for chips :)


Fun times hanging out outside!  We are still so excited to be able to live in this house and able to enjoy the time outside.

Hanging out with Mamo and Papa :)

Water Table

The kids got this water table a while ago (go figure I am just posting this now) but they love it!  

 Frick and Frack

He has no fear :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Coloring Easter eggs!

Showing off some of his gifts from the Easter Bunny.

Helping Jax go through his Easter bucket....yes, bucket because the night before when I did my Easter shopping, the store was all out!  So thanks to some creative thinking by dada, the buckets worked :)

Egg hunt at Mamo and Papas

New water table

Hanging out with Papa and Grandma Dorothy

Soccer Star

Brody is on a soccer team called the Transformers (which he loves!).  He has practice once a week and games twice a week.   He maybe kicks the ball (accidentally) once or twice a game :)  We are working on him being more aggressive and less chasing around his friends, but he is having so much fun which is the most important thing!

Jax enjoying the game.

Still Kicking!

Yes, I realize that it has been 2 months since I posted :(  We are still alive and well!  My work computer which houses our pictures had to get fixed which in turn messed up my editing program.  I have attempted many times to upload and edit the pics but all have resulted in me wanting to throw the computer against the wall.  So instead of really really working on it, I took a break....which turned into 2 months of nothing.  I apologize and I am REALLY, REALLY working on getting things updated.  No more excuses (or throwing temper tantrums!)  It may take me a while since lately Brody has been asking me questions that I have had no answer, or had to search for the answers on google :)  My response though is usually....make sure you ask Mrs. Marter that tomorrow at school :)  Here are a few questions:

How are we hearing the radio in the car?
How do the clouds break apart?
What are clouds made of?
Where does Jesus live? 
Does he (Jesus) live with Santa?
How does Santa fit down chimneys?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Per Usual

They have no problem taking off their shirts and showing their muscles :)  Hmmmm, I wonder where they learned this?

Still one of their favorite things to do.  Find something, tear it apart and make a mess :)  In this case, they found a box of tissues.

This is one of Jax's favorite places to lay when he is not happy.  Brody is being the good big brother by trying to comfort him :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Throwing a fit

I would call this a mini fit, and yes I did feel bad (again) turning on the camera, but it was too cute.  He has been doing this a lot lately.  Just the other day the bathroom door did not get shut and I found him sticking his hand in the toliet (it was clean).  I picked him up and he started screaming. After putting him down in the kitchen next to some toys he crawled over to the rug in front of the door and laid there for 5 minuntes! 

He started doing this after I told him no several times and had to pull him away from the trash can.

For NayNay

Many of you already know this, but my brother Nate (NayNay as Brody calls him) has been deployed for the next 7 months. The good news is he gets the I will try very very hard to post more pics more often.  

 Jax saying "I don't know"
 Thanks to Brody's wonderful teacher he was sent home with flubber.  It has kept him entertained for hours!!

Frick and Frack....if one has his shirt off, the other must do the same :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ohhhh Jax :)

I felt bad (sort of) for taking this video...but I couldn't resist!  It was too funny, and I swear he did not hurt himself :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

That one time it snowed

The one sort of snow fall we had, we took advantage :)  Brody could not wait to go outside and play.

Brody did this all himself :)

I took this from our basement...I thought it was so cute he put his hand up to his mouth so I could hear him.

 I don't think this picture even looks like him, but I took it to show how rosey his cheeks got from being outside and his crazy hair from his hat :)  He was so excited to have hot chocolate with marshmellows (his favorte). 

 Let us out!!

While Brody and Jamie played outside, Jax and I hung out.  He loves riding around on this car.  I think it's partially the reason he hasn't started walking. He uses it all the time!

If he is not on his car, he wants me to carry him.


Although we love our new house, the one thing I would have loved to have is a mud room.  I mean who doesn't want something like this?  Parade of homes/Pottery Barnish
                                             Pinned Image

Well....we took what we had (coat closet) and thanks to the wonderful designs of Kathy and Bill this is what happened!  Of course the kids had to help :)

The final product. I LOVE IT!!!!  We are looking for different baskets up top, but it looks so great!!  Now the kids can put their coats away by themselves and a place for their shoes (Well, maybe not Jax YET).  :)  Thanks again soooooo much Mamo and Papa!